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Its made a mistake, maybe most from ideological reasons that the 1947 is taken as a year of establishing the club. According to the facts FC Vardar is formed at the end of 1911 in Skopje, whose prologanters are generations and generations, all of them and we have the right to be glad on the wealth history, which is nearing to the century. After Uskic/Skopje/ at the end of 1911  Skopje got FC Vardar. Year for memory and honor. To wash out the ignorance. To realize the wish, but to be based on real historical facts. Exactly those things gives us wright to strive for the Skopian and Macedonian FC Vardar, who strongly took part not only in the Macedonian, in the former Yugoslavian, but in the Balkanian, the European and in the World football, to get his real birthday. That is 1911.

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